Deadboy – DEEMZ

Deadboy returns to the club with DEEMZ, a new four-track EP that navigates broken techno, melodic house and more, marking one of his heaviest records to date.

Deadboy’s 2017 debut album Earth Body saw him experiment with vocal pop for the first time, on a longing album inspired by Scott Walker, Sade and the Beach Boys, but DEEMZ sees him return to the dancefloor aesthetics of his previous club-focused releases.

Driven by a tumbling lead melody, distorted drums and a sample at times mangled beyond recognition, the EP’s title track sets pace before ‘R-Less’ and ‘Sheener’ follow – a double salvo of uncompromising rippers designed for peak-time dancefloors. As ever with Deadboy, no matter how heavy and direct things get, his knack with samples, melodies and intimate moments ensure that the tracks stick in your head long after the club.

Finally, the EP’s closing track ‘Come Back to the World’ finishes the release on a melodic note, harking back to Deadboy’s now-classic White Magick EP with angelic pads, shuffling drums and longing vocal samples.

Digital EP
Released 18 May 2018

Artwork by Ben Arfur
Mastered by Beau @ Ten Eight Seven
Written & produced by Deadboy