Talbot Fade – November Versions

Local Action’s last release of 2015 is a new album by a long-time ally of the label, Talbot Fade.

From Essex but based in London, Talbot Fade debuted in 2013 with a self-titled, self-released album that captivated its small audience. Cult classic might be pushing it, but it’s the sort of record that everyone who knows, loves. He followed it later that year with November is So Alive for Better and for Worse, a mix of original material and edits for Truants that was somewhere between an accompaniment and an epilogue to his self-titled album. Again, everyone who knows it, loves it.

Talbot Fade’s music deals with “memories of places, people and things, and how the brain twists, fogs and sullies them through experiences, time and intoxication. November has always felt like the turning point, as the cold and darkness of winter properly kicks in.” On November Versions, a collection of new Talbot material and reworkings of music by the Daybreak collective that Talbot is affiliated with (Rimplton, Yamaneko, Boardgame James, Loon), he attempts to evoke that transition through half-familiar melodic phrases, smeared by fog, rogue signals and static. The record nods at times to Leyland Kirby’s work as The Caretaker, Infinity Frequencies’ Computer series and Akira Yamaoka, but ultimately it’s a record about friends, fuzz and family. Merry fucking Christmas.

Digital LP
Released 11 December 2015

Mastered by Talbot Fade & Tom Lea