D∆WN (aka Dawn Richard) is one of music’s most distinctive voices and songwriters, developing her own unique style via a tirelessly independent route.

D∆WN’s last album Blackheart was FACT’s #1 album of the year, and was in Best Album of 2015 charts by Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Vogue, LA Times, Spin, Elle, Noisey and The Guardian, who called it “the most ambitious and revelatory album of 2015”.

In April 2016 D∆WN became the first ever artist to perform live in 360 degrees on YouTube, as part of YouTube’s collaboration series with The Verge. She also partnered with Wired for the release of a virtual reality version of ‘Not Above That’, and recently curated her own Boiler Room in London, performing from a specially-build LED pyramid. With future collaborations in the VR world due for release, she looks set to continue breaking down barriers of music, performance and technology.

Her new solo album REDEMPTION strikes the perfect balance between future-facing electronic music (with production from Machinedrum, Noisecastle III, Kaveh Rastegar and D∆WN herself and more) and the music of D∆WN’s New Orleans upbringing, bound together by an untouchable approach to song- writing and flawless vocal range. The final part in a trilogy that started with GoldenHeart and continued with Blackheart, it represents her most focused, complete album yet.

Collector's Edition USB Necklace / Digital LP / Vinyl LP
Released 18 November 2016

All songs mixed and mastered by Derek Bergheimer
Cover design by Our Place
Cover photo by Rob Daly