LiL JaBBA – Scales

Lil Jabba isn’t like the rest of them. While they’re busy joining the dots between house and techno or whatever’s safe right now, he’s throwing paint all over the page.

Jabba’s not American, but he’s affiliated with DJ Rashad’s Teklife crew and divides his time between Baltimore and Brooklyn, exhibiting his visual art, riding around with his bike gang and making some of the most hypnotic juke and footwork you’ll ever hear. Local Action have been figuring out a release with him for over a year – eventually an EP wasn’t enough, and we persuaded him to make it a full-length album, Scales.

Some of Scales has already seen the light of day through Youtube or limited cassette releases, some of it is unheard. Some tracks sound cleaner than others; that’s because they’re newer. That’s how these things work. What is consistent throughout Scales is the quality: across 12 tracks, Jabba flips, twists and inverts the footwork template with endless layers of samples, gurgled vocal tags, jazz licks and whatever else he feels like. These aren’t trax, they’re tapestries.

Digital LP / Vinyl LP
Released 1 July 2013

Design by Devilmode
Mastered by Leon @ Music House